Accountant - Tax consulting
  • Organisation of Deposits (specifications, phases of production, composition of types)
  • Control and agreement of commercial management - general accountancy (deposit, markets, sales)
  • Application of systems of internal control
  • Cost accounting of imports
  • Organisation of general and sector-based accountant drawings
  • Equitable application of accountant beginnings and models
  • Application of systems of budget control, cash flow
  • Briefing and control of business books according to current provisions.
  • Monthly budget - determination of taxable income.
  • Syntax and signature of economic reports in any turnover
  • Analysis of Balance-sheet with the use of indices
  • Syntax signature and electronic submission of all tax statements
  • Syntax calculation and submission of Φ.Μ.Α.Π.
  • Electronic record keeping of all statements and documents
  • Preventive tax control of all tax objects of your enterprise.
  • Effective confrontation of inspections
  • Syntax and submission of recourses