Payroll - Labor subjects
  • Exploitation of subsidies for covering new jobs
  • Evaluation of candidates but also existing workers, using scientifically acceptable processes
  • Calculation of cost of newly employed personnel with absolute precision according to the current collective conventions of work.
  • Observation with precision of obligations of enterprise that arise from the processes of engagements, redundancies, retirements, authorisations, overtimes, conventions of decreased schedule and certain time, in the responsible services.
  • The use of last generation programs of payroll that develop completely the modern technology ensures the precision in calculation, (for common enterprises , as long as enterprises with construction work), allocation in centres of cost, electronic submission ΑΠΔ, but also the possibility of information retrieval, which may prove very useful for the enterprise.
  • Confrontation of potential differences and (where it is essential) representation of your business at the qualified services, with the contribution of our experienced lawyers - collaborators